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These are PP elastomers with a molecular structure of propylene and ethylene monomers integrated in the molecular chain having very diverse applications. The ethylene content determines the degree of elasticity and they have the advantage of being able to be mixed with PE and PP of all kinds.
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  • Densities 0.865-0.890 g/cm3
  • Suitable for extrusion and injection
  • Mix very well with LDPE, HDPE and PP
  • Meet food handling guidelines
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  • Very elastic and resistant to perforation
  • Good optical features
  • Very low seal initiation temperature (SIT)
  • High heat seal strength immediately after sealing (hot tack)
  • Non-slip, increased coefficient of friction
  • Very resistant to impact at low temperatures
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Consumer products
Medicine and health
Industrial applications
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  • Stretch hood packaging
  • Cling film
  • Intermediate layer between PE and metallised PP layers
  • Automatic packaging film
  • Impact modifier in PE and PP
  • Masterbath manufacture increase in fill level
  • Injection moulding where elasticity is needed
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