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These polymers are high performance, new generation polyethylene (PE), also called Linear Metallocenes. They are used in a large number of film applications, such as packaging, agriculture, construction and building and industrial applications. They offer great performance, significantly improving the general properties of PE and providing added value to the product manufactured.
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  • High resistance to impact, perforation and tearing
  • Easy processing with great resistance to melting
  • Excellent sealing (as shown by SIT and Hot Tack testing)
  • Excellent optical properties
  • Specific for multilayer film extrusion
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  • Significant reduction in film thickness compared with LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE
  • For more efficient and faster packaging processes and for improved sealing
  • Optical improvement in film sheets (brightness and transparency)
  • Significant improvement in mechanical properties in general
  • Meets food handling guidelines
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Consumer products
Medicine and health
Industrial applications
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  • Wrapping for packaging (film for lamination)
  • Coatings for extrusion processes
  • Sheets for agriculture
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