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Founded in 1924, with headquarters in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA, Teknor Apex is a company dedicated mainly to the manufacture of flexible vinyl, elastomers, thermoplastics, nylon and special chemicals.
Teknor Apex currently has 9 plants in the US, as well as operating in Belgium, Singapore, Germany and China, and provides employment to around 3,000 people worldwide.
The company’s main business divisions are Teknor Color (dedicated to the manufacture of colourants); Vinyl (vinyl compounds); Thermoplastic elastomers (with products such as SBC compounds, polyolefin blends, TPE-O and TPO, thermoplastic vulcanisers, TPE-V and TPVs, polyurethane compounds, TPE-U and TPU, and other special mixtures); Engineering thermoplastics; Chemical products and garden hoses.
Chemieuro. Corporate Sign. Container header
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