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Polymer sales and distribution

The best information and control of your deliveries thanks to our multi-channel customer service. An expert sales force with permanent offices in the main European countries, a quality telephone service and our digital platform available at all times in the cloud to offer the most efficient service to our customers.
Chemieuro. Our competencies. Polymer sales and distribution
Chemieuro. Corporate Sign. Container header

Sourcing and purchasing

We offer a wide range of polymers thanks to our wide supplier base, where you will find the ideal solution you need for your industry and the specific application you are interested in. Our supplier portfolio includes the world’s leading polymer producers.
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Chemieuro. Corporate Sign. Container header

International logistics

We have extensive experience in the international transport of polymers and can offer you a complete range of logistics services: including any mode of transport, the integral management of the movement of goods while taking responsibility for added value logistical operations for your company.
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