Chemieuro attended Chemplast Expo 2019

Chemieuro. Congreso europeo de ingeniería del plástico


The second edition of the ChemPlastExpo Fair was held last week. Chemieuro was there as visitor to know the current situation of the sector, the challenges and the solutions that are part of our present and immediate future.

 About 200 participants firms specialized in machinery or instrumentation or in the research of components, raw materials or surface treatment, in addition to an outstanding presence in everything regarding to industry 4.0 in terms of technology and innovation. The Fair “brought together” representatives of the entire value chain, their contributions, solutions and proposals at a crucial time for the sector and its future.

In the corporate stands and in the parallel program of events and presentations, there was no lack of review of the whole new demands of customers and consumers that directly affect the production system of strategic sectors such as food, automotive, aeronautics, agriculture or the construction.

The Circular Economy based on criteria of sustainability, the culture of recycling and the advances in biodegradable materials had a special presence also the application of new technologies and digital transformation of companies in both the areas of production and management-artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain … -.

This annual meeting seems to be consolidated and strengthened by focusing on all these mentioned issues and around the new emerging laws or the global economic news that goes through events such as “Brexit” and the impact that generates on the commercial policies of all sectors. An agenda to pay attention to make good decisions, to successfully face the challenges and to choose the indispensable link that guarantee the future.