Chemieuro announces Polymer Insights, first publicly available Market Intelligence solution in Europe for polymer purchasing decision makers

A Challenger Spirit in Polymer Distribution

Chemieuro again challenges the rules of traditional distribution launching our first publicly available Market Intelligence solution in Europe for polymer purchasing decision makers. Our main goal is to bring transparency into a complex and highly volatile market helping our customers to make the right decisions at the right moment. This goal alligns perfectly with our vision to become the indispensable link for achieving an efficient polymer distribution and our commitment to offer the most convenient, efficient and competitive services to our customers.

Polymer Insights. Market Intelligence delivered by Chemieuro

Since last May 2018, Chemieuro started to deliver publicly up-to-date information about price and price evolution for a set of essential products in the polymer value chain. The main raw materials (crude oil, naphta), feedstock (propylene, ethylene, benzene, SM) and predominant polymers (PP, HDPE, LDPE, GPPS, HIPS, EPS, PVC, PET, ABS) are all considered in the solution which also includes both contract and spot prices.

Publicly available Market Intelligence through digital channels

With this initiative, Chemieuro becomes the first distribution company In Europe delivering publicly available price information and analysis through digital channels both for our customers and any company in the Chemical industry. Currently, this information is being delivered publicly and free of charge for a promotional period of time.

An efficient solution, up-to-date prices on a weekly basis

Prices are taken each week on Fridays from reputable sources of information in our industry. They are made public the following Monday. We are firmly convinced that this weekly periodicity is the perfect trade-off to monitor price evolution without being obsessed by short changes far beyond the possibilities of negotiation of a common industrial purchaser, but benefiting from information sufficiently recent to be able to anticipate trends and changes before they occur.

A solution guided by our experts

In addition, we put at your disposal the advice of our experts to help you understand the evolution and trend of any polymer price in the market, today and in the near future.

Access to the solution

For some time, this solution will be publicly accessible through this link.