Total polymers for industry and agriculture

Total divides its offer for the Agriculture & Industry sector into four major groups: Greenhouse Film, Silage sheet & Stretch, Load protection & pallet wrapping and High performance carbon nanotubes (CNT) compounds. Greenhouse Film Lumicene … Read more

Total polymers for industry and agriculture. Load protection and pallet wrapping

Lumicene Supertough®, the ideal booster for Stretch wrap and stretch hood To produce a stretch hood film capable of ensuring the safe transport of your pallet, Total’s EVA and Lumicene® range are the ideal products. … Read more

Total polymers for industry and agriculture. Electrically Conductive Compounds

The range of products for High performance carbon nanotubes (CNT) compounds stands out for: Avoiding static electricity associated damage. Being an ideal solution for the manufacture of electronic products and ATEX packaging. Allow to achieve … Read more

A world of possibilities with Total food injection containers

Total offers the best and widest range of products for storage, conservation and safe transportation of food. Two of the most outstanding polymers of Total for food packaging are Polypropylene and Polystyrene. Polypropylene Always aligned … Read more

Total polymers for industry and agriculture. Greenhouse Film

Lumicene Supertough® and EVA, the ideal combination for greenhouse film The characteristics and requirements for greenhouses are increasingly demanding. The customer demands an increasingly durable product and more efficient for plants growth, while reducing time … Read more

Presenting Total solutions for Rigid Packaging

In this post, Chemieuro presents Total solutions for Rigid packaging. This category includes different applications for Rigid Packaging such as Injection Food Packaging, Caps & Closures, Kitchenware & Long Term Food Storage Jars, Trays & … Read more

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