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Our corporate brand

This page is designed so that people in charge of media outlets, event organisation or anyone else that wants to present or apply our Brand in any format or media outlet can do so quickly with the proper level of quality. Our brand is the visual representation of our raison d’être as an organisation and of our aspirations for the future. Please, always use it respectfully and in compliance with the legal notice.
Chemieuro. Corporate Sign. Container header

Main application

The typography is solid, modern and highly readable, and expresses our long history in the international polymer distribution market. The brand is framed in the dead centre of the symbol logo and symbolises our business vision in the form of an ascending bridge: the indispensable link between producers and customers, maximising efficiency in the distribution of polymers.
The dot of the letter “I” is in bright orange, to transmit our commitment to innovation in customer service and for us to become the most competitive, efficient and flexible supplier for our customers.
Our slogan “A Challenger Spirit in Polymer Distribution” conveys the trait that we think most faithfully reflects the track record of our company: our ambition to stand out and innovate in the polymer distribution market.
Chemieuro. Corporate Sign. Container header

Special ink applications or in black and white

In this section you will find special ink applications, in red, black and white. As a general rule, please use the colour applications, unless your need these due to special circumstances.
Chemieuro. Corporate Sign. Container header

Clear space

Brands need a clear space to express all its meaning. Please, respect these clear spaces when applying our brand. It is a very simple rule in which ‘x’ distance corresponds to the diameter of any of the circles.
Chemieuro. Brand Centre. Logo Brand. Clear space
Chemieuro. Corporate Sign. Container header

Minimum size

Brands need a minimum size to ensure its legibility as well. Please, do not use the brand with a size less than 40 mm horizontally. As a general rule, use the brand including its slogan. The application without slogan is the adequate for very small areas. If this is the case, do not apply it with less than 20 mm horizontally.
Chemieuro. Brand Centre. Logo Brand. Minimum Size with slogan
Chemieuro. Brand Centre. Logo Brand. Minimum Size without slogan
Chemieuro. Corporate Sign. Container header

Corporate colours

These are the main colours of our Brand.
Dark purple
RGB 80/40/120 (#502878)
CMYK 75/100/0/0
RGB 255/140/0 (#FF8C00)
CMYK 0/45/100/0

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